Sell Your Equipment

Sell Your Equipment

If you have any surplus equipment, GlobePack offer a wide range of purchase options. Such as:

Outright Purchase

We will arrange to inspect the equipment and make a competitive offer to buy the machinery outright from you. Once the paperwork is complete payment is made in full, we will collect the equipment with ownership transferring to GlobePack Equipment Ltd.

Parts Exchange

We will arrange to inspect and value your equipment. You can use this against the cost of buying a machine from our inventory.

Consignment/ Purchase Agreement Contract

This option gives you our best price. It’s a completely hassle-free way to maximise the returns on your redundant equipment. We will evaluate and agree a price for the equipment before exchanging a purchase agreement document, confirming the equipment remains your property until payment has been received in full. There are then 2 options:

Sale from our site: 

  • If you are in need of space within your facility we can arrange to collect and transport the equipment to our storage facility where we prepare it ready for sale.

Sale from client’s site: 

  • once the relevant paperwork has been completed, the equipment remains on your site until we find a suitable buyer. We may need to bring potential customers to site to inspect the equipment, this is always pre-arranged with you. This is a great option for equipment and lines that will be available in the near future.

Once a suitable buyer has been sourced, the pre-agreed price will be paid in full prior to collecting the equipment. Ownership will then be transferred to GlobePack Equipment Ltd.


GlobePack equipment has many long-standing relationships with global auction houses. We will ensure that your equipment receives maximum exposure. This is a great option if you have multiple machines that require a swift sale.

Assets Disposal Package

These packages can be tailor made to your needs. We can optimise the return you can receive for any unwanted or redundant machinery or equipment you may have.