Glatt GPCG 60 Fluid Bed Dryer


Worminghall, United Kingdom


Glatt GPCG 60 Fluid Bed Dryer Year: 2003      Model: GPCG 60 Key Information 220 Granulator Bowl with cart 32” Wurster Bowl with cart Recent PLC Upgrade by Glatt Machine is still installed and recently running. Immediately Available Condition: Excellent, fully working when removed from production Drying, granulating and coating – all in a single system. The GPCG, with the twin-chamber filter system, offers the possibility of an uninterrupted process. Apart from the drying or granulating insert, the Glatt GPCG 60 also has a HS Wurster insert (bottom spray). From demanding powder coating to simple drying – whether granulation / agglomeration, particle coating or pelletizing – with spraying nozzles at the top (top spray) and at the bottom (bottom spray) with a GPCG, anything is possible! Fluid bed drying is an especially effective way of drying solids. During fluidization, liquid is withdrawn from the entire surface of every single particle.