Norden 600 Tube Filler

Norden 600 Tube Filler

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Norden 600 Plastic Tube Filler Provides outputs of up to 60 tubes per minute and is designed and manufactured to produce the highest possible packaging quality standards at maximum operational efficiencies. Plastic and laminate tubes may be sealed using the Norden´s patented Hot-Air Sealing system. Key information: – Production capacity: 60 tpm – Filling volume: 1-300 ml – Tube length: 50-250 mm – Tube diameter: 10-60 mm – Infeed system: cassette Condition: Cleaned, checked, tested and fully working condition


– Production capacity60 tpm
– Filling volume1-300 ml
– Tube length50-250 mm
– Tube diameter10-60 mm
– Infeed systemcassette