ROTA Vial Filler Plugger

ROTA Vial Filler Plugger

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ROTA Vial Filler The Rota FLR25/G is a semi-automatic vial filling and closing machine.  It is suitable for filling vials, and closing with a stopper, either under sterile conditions or not. The FLR25/G is ideally suited to small production batches or of course for laboratory applications, and is very easy to operate and clean and with tool-less change parts. A comprehensive list of optional features and accessories enables this machine to be tailored to meet the individual requirements of each customer and application. The vials are put by hand into the main star wheel which gradually hands them over the machine through the filling station pre-gassing, filling and post-gassing (optional) and closing stations. Vials are filled by means of a rotary piston pump (accuracy better than ± 0.5%). The change of the pump can happen within a few minutes.