Rommelag 460 Blow Fill Seal Line

Rommelag 460 Blow Fill Seal Line

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Rommelag 460 Blow Fill Seal Line

Year: 2006 Upgraded and refurbished by Rommelag in 2016

Model: 460


Rommelag 460 Key Information:


  • Number of molds: 15 with 2 spares
  • Number of cavities: each mold set is 25 cavities
  • Container size: currently set up for 0.5ml
  • Capacity: 25,000 per hour
  • Upgraded/refurbished by Rommelag in 2016, included: New control system, nitrogen purge filling system, new hydraulics and new molds
  • Full set of operational manuals, electrical drawings and documents


The complete line consists of:


  1. Rommelag 460 BFS Machine – Year: 2006 Upgraded/refurbished 2016
  2. Rommelag 924 Deflasher – Year: 2006
  3. Bonfiglioli PK-VS Leak Detector – Year: 2016
  4. Neri SL200 Ampoule Block Labeller: 2007
  5. ULMA Atlanta Flow Wrapper – Year: 2016
  6. Marchesini MA155 Cartoner – Year: 2007


The line is in excellent fully working condition, still in its original production environment. The line comes complete with all related manuals and documentation for each of the machines. Removal of the line is the responsibility of the buyer.



Number Of Cavities25 cavities per mold
Number Of Molds:15 on machine + 2 spare
* Capacity25,000 per hour
Previous product:0.5ml eye drop