IMA Express Blister Line


United Kingdom


IMA Blister Line - Consisting of IMA PG Express Blister Packer and IMA PG IC150 Cartoner


Year 2018 Condition - Excellent, LIKE NEW


Fully working, removed from production October 2021


IMA Express Blister Packer


The IMA Express is a flat forming and flat sealing blister packing machine for tablets and capsules.Each station of the machine is servo driven. The Express is CE certified and is built as per GMP guidelines with the possibility of downstream automation. The machine is capable of handling - forming the following materials: PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/PE/PVDC, ACLAR, PP, ALU/ALU, COC (Cyclic Olefin Copolymer) and sealing material - ALU, Paper foil laminate, CR Materials, PP . The machine is configured to handle various optional features as per customer requirements.


It has been developed with the IMA PG philosophy of delivering a highly efficient machine, ideal for a 24×7 production.



Blister Dimensions: 30-100 mm (W) x 52-222 mm (L ) x 3-12 mm (D)

Production Output: Up to 240 blisters/min.


IMA IC150C Cartoner


The IC 150C is a multi-purpose and easily customizable cartoning machine. The machines’ capability is a very important factor because it allows to connect different feeding systems of blisters, bottles, trays and tubes.


The IC150C is an intermittent motion cartoner with a very small footprint. The machine can be intergrated with various packaging types such as blister packers, tube fillers and bottle filling machines.




Carton dimensions

Width Min. 28* mm – Max. 92 mm – Without leaflet feeder min. carton width is 20mm

Height Min. 14 mm – Max. 60 mm - Optional up to 85 mm

Length Min. 55 mm – Max. 190 mm

Width + Height Max. 140 mm - Optional up to 160 mm

Production output Up to 120 cartons/min.



ManufacturerIMA PG
Stock NumberGP10078
Blister Dimensions30-100 mm (W) x 52-222 mm (L ) x 3-12 mm (D)