Noack 920 Blister Packer


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Noack N920 Blister Packer with Romaco Promatic P150 Cartoner - ELECTRICALLY UPGRADED IN 2020 (New PLC and HMI)

This Blister Packer is suitable for packaging tablets or capsules into Alu/Alu or PVC/Alu blisters. The machine is arranged for variable speed and has a maximum capacity of 80 forming strokes per minute. Automatic tablet track in-feed system, Laetus visual inspect unit.

Key Information:

  • Tablet Feeders Into Brush Box
  • Laetus Vision System
  • Vacuum System
  • HAPA H-226-C Printer
  • Blister collation system for feeding into the cartoner.
  • Max. draw depth: 12 mm
  • Max. foil width: 160 mm

Romaco Promatic P150 Cartoner – Fully automatic horizontal intermittent cartoning machine

Key Information:

  • Year: 1998
  • Model: P150
  • Mechanical speed: 150 car/min – Production speed: 120 car/min
  • Laetus Argus vision system
  • Blister in-feed unit
  • Full safety interlocking doors
  • High production speed, format changeover without tools
  • Minimum carton dimensions of 20mm x 15mm x 60mm and maximum of 100mm x 85mm x 150mm

Excellent fully working condition. Electrically upgraded in 2020 with new PLC and HMI.


* Max. draw depth12 mm
* Max. foil width160 mm