De Lama DLOM-HP Double Door Autoclave


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De Lama model DLOM-HP double door Autoclave

The De Lama DLOM-HP Autoclave from 2009 is a state-of-the-art sterilization solution that contributes significantly to the pharmaceutical industry's ability to produce safe and sterile products while adhering to stringent regulatory standards. Its combination of precision, safety, and sustainability makes it an invaluable asset in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process

Technical Details

Voltage: 400V

Frequency: 50Hz

Full load current: 9A

Phases: 3 Ph + T

Voltage: A.C 230 VAC

Aux voltage: D.C 24 VDC

Equipped installed power: 5Kw

Circuit interupp.

Capacity: 10Ka

Internal chamber: diameter 920mm / height 660mm / width 660mm / depth 1000mm

Doors number and type: 1 PSV

Control and management system type: Master 6-TS

Design pressure: 4,0 Barg, 500 KPA

Design temperature: 152 DegC, 425K

Electrical line supply (+5%): 400V-50Hz-Triphase

Installed power: 3kW

Theoretical empty weight: 1500kg

Theoretical hydraulic test weight: 2200kg


ManufacturerDe Lama
Serial Number3512
Stock NumberGP10167