Fedegari FOF4/9 Autoclave


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Fedegari model FOF4/9 autoclave

The FOF series is the most flexible solution for multi-purpose sterilization in bio-pharma industries

From solids and porous to liquids in open or non-hermetically sealed containers

The FOF saturated steam sterilizer is suitable for tyndallization, pastorization, and inactivation

Suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, food, dietary and medical devices sectors

Main Features:

The flexibility of the sterilizers of the FOF series, once the suitable plant options have been selected, makes them suitable for a wide range of treatments, some of which are:

  • sterilizations of various solid materials
  • sterilizations of porous materials
  • sterilizations of filled ampoules with fast vacuum for tightness test
  • sterilizations of filled ampoules, vials or bottles with cooling by means of D.I. water spray under counter-pressure of sterile air
  • sterilizations as above, with cooling by means of: heat-sterilized and cooled D.l. water spray, circulation of cold water in jacket, filtration system for chamber air

Thema4 control system

Temperature range 133 Deg C

Stainless Steel construction

Piping entirely made of Stainless Steel and equipped with sanitary-type quick couplings with automatic orbital welds and sanitary-type valves made by Fedegari

Manual available in English in PDF form


Serial NumberNA1394AN
Stock NumberGP10168