TECNinox Fermenter/Bioreactor


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TECNinox Fermenter/Bioreactor suitable for R&D, small batch production, pilot plant

General Description

Fermenter geometry 3:1

Fermenter head without sharp edges to improve cleaning, GMP gasket

Fermenter head with TC connections of various sizes (3/4, ½, 1), use them for additions, feeding, inoculation, etc.

Working volume for 36L bioreactor: 20L,  Minimum working volume 7.5L (positioning holder for probes)

Working volume for 74L bioreactor: 50L, dependent on position of last impeller

Operational pressure range:  -0.01 to 3. 00 bar g

Double mechanical seal

Motor position: overhead motor shaft, as close as possible to sparger and bottom

Impellers 3 Rushton / 3 Pitched Blade

Configurable motor speed 50-1500 rpm

Toroidal sparger with possibility of coupling and uncoupling

Exhaust gas condenser

Integrated CIP system

Exhaust gas management: double exhaust gas line after the outlet filter (the gas line must divide into two branches: one direct to the spent gas analysis system (airnova) and the other to the drain/waste)

Aeration 0 to 2. 5 VVM

Inlet air from above and from the sparger, with flowmeter

O2 inlet: 0 to 2.5 VVM, O2 inlet from above and from the sparger, with flowmeter

N2 inlet: 0 to 1 VVM, N2 inlet from above and from the sparger, with flowmeter

CO2 inlet 0 to 1 VVM, CO2 inlet from above and from the sparger, with flowmeter

Head pressure adjustment: automatic

Fixed speed pump with remote control

Variable speed pumps, two bottom valves

Bottom valve filter

Integrity test:  integrated housing to perform in situ integrity test

Loading soil hole for manual loading

Fixed speed Peristaltic pumping, position adjacent to bioreactor pH, for control of acid/ base, CO2

Feeding base inlet via Sacova valve with ingold control

Utilities needed to run:

Electrical requirements: 380v, 50Hz

Steam feed: 3 - 9 bar

Clean steam: 3 bar g

Purified water

Compressed air 8 bar g

Nitrogen: 8 bar

Refrigerated water: 9 - 12 deg C

Oxygen: 12 bar

CO2: 8 bar

Softened water

Drainage and discharge

Box of manuals included

Condition: AS NEW, UNUSED


Serial NumberB46-15001
Stock NumberGP10165