MG2 Planeta 100 Capsule Filler


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MG2 model Planeta 100 single continuous motion capsule filling machine

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1.      Machine specs(Atleast capacity, capsule sizes, automatic/semi automatic etc): Automatic sizes 5 to 0

2.      Warranty (if any):  No

3.      Sizes format parts sold together with the machine: Size 2

4.      Whether the machine is equipped with granule, pellet stations etc: Powder dose fitted 

5.      Qualification documentation (FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ): No 

6.      Calibration documents. protocols etc. (if any): No 

7.      Operating, Maintenance manuals: Yes

8.      Mechanical, electrical, pneumatic drawings etc: Yes

9.      CE declaration: Machine is CE marked

10.   Whether PLC or software upgrade is needed in any machine etc:  Yes  

11.    Year of manufacture: December 2003


ModelPlaneta 100
Stock NumberVE10037