Weiler 624 Blow/Fill/Seal Machine


Normanton, United Kingdom


Weiler model 624 Blow/Fill/Seal machine SVP

Key Information:

  • Number of cavities: 25
  • Capacity: 7500 per hour
  • Mold size: 2.5ml nebules
  • Operation manuals, electrical drawings and copy of PLC program included

Thermoplastic resin granules are extruded and formed into a parison (tubular shape)

Molds and sterile air are used to form containers from the parison

The sterile product is then metered into the containers which are then hermetically sealed

This cycle occurs continuously as formed, filled and sealed containers are conveyed out of the machine

Comes with:

ALPS Deflasher

Model: ALS-300

Year: 2013

Serial number: 2990

The set of containers from the BFS machine are separated into individual cards

The plastic waste is directed to a waste bin and the separated cards are conveyed out of the machine

Condition: Excellent, fully working when removed from production

Note: The parison head was removed from the machine for safe transportation but is included


Serial Number018
Stock NumberGP BFS20010