Rota Ampoule Filler


Worminghall, United Kingdom


Rota R915 Ampoule Filler A compact semi-automatic bench top ampoule and/or vial filling and sealing machine.  It is suitable for filling ampoules or vials, either under sterile conditions or not.  It is the ideal solution for clinical trials or small scale production. Ampoules are hand fed into the transport star wheel. The ampoules/vials are then automatically transported over the machine through the opening station (optional), pre-gassing (optional) filling station where the ampoule necks are centered to the filling needle centre, post-gassing (optional) and sealing station. Thus a careful object transport is ensured. Ampoules/vials are drop-free filled by means of a seal-less rotary piston pumps (accuracy better than ± 0.5%). The ROTA rotary piston pumps are made of two parts, removable and replaceable within one minute. After the sealing station, the filled and sealed ampoules/vials are gently pushed out of the transport star wheel into the outfeed magazine.


ModelAmpoule Filler