Noack 920 Blister Line


Worminghall, United Kingdom


Noack 920 Blister Line, excellent fully working condition. Still located in original production environment. Line consists of: – Year 1997 – This Blister Packer is suitable for packaging tablets or capsules into Alu/Alu or PVC/Alu blister. The machine is arranged for variable speed and has a maximum capacity of 80 forming strokes per minute. Automatic tablet track in-feed system, Laetus visual inspect unit. Max. draw depth: 12 mm Max. foil width: 160 mm – Year 2000 – blister stacker/infeed unit, GUK leaflet feed unit, PCE Pharma Control unit, WOLKE M600 coding system. up to 350 cartons/minute – Year 2000 Condition: Excellent, fully working line. Contact us for more pictures and details


Width “a”from 25 to 100 mm (pitch 127 mm)
Height “b”from 15 to 85 mm
Length “h”from 65 to 150 mm