Aerosol Filling Line

Worminghall, United Kingdom


Aerosol Filling Line – 90 cans per minute propellant CO2 and LPG, product: lubrication oils including WD-40 water displacement oil, can diameter 35/45/52/65mm.
Line consists of:
Loading table with scissor lift and accumulation table
Farason valve hopper and ledged belt elevator
Pamasol valve sorter
2 Linx inkjet coder
Aerofill M16 3-head vacuum filler 30cpm
ASC filling machine, 6-head, double indexer, LPG gassing, modified for CO2 injection gassing in 2014, previously operating at 60cpm with twin gassing rams
6-head rotary gasser, internally housed
Checkweigher with reject
Water bath 450 can capacity
6-head buttoner (manually fed)
Nimmo 4-head capper with cap hopper and ledged belt elevator
Straw taper
4m long packing conveyor
Tray packer and shrinkwrapper, previously packing in 6 and 12 packs with roller outfeed conveyor
Line comes with all control panels, CO2 Ram and change parts for 35mm, 45mm, 52mm and 65mm diameter cans.