Medipac MF50 Rigid Tube Filler


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Medipac (now Romaco) model MF50 pharma grade rigid tube filling machine designed for automatic counting, filling tablets and sealing of rigid tubes

Suitable for plastic or aluminium rigid tubes


The complete unit consists of:

  • a vibratory tablet feeder
  • a cap feeder
  • a tablet table including belt conveyor with a scrambler, support frame, cartridge (format part) and a counting unit
  • a tube hub
  • an MF50 tube filling and closing machine
  • a FlexLink outfeed conveyor
  • a Cognex vision system with reject facility


This machine has a capacity of 50 tubes per minute (at approx. 10 tablets per tube).


Suitable for the following tube and tablet range:

  • tube length 50mm-200mm
  • tube diameter 16mm-35mm
  • tablet diameter 14mm-33mm
  • tablet thickness 3mm–10mm

Note: each tube and tablet type can only be handled with a suitable set of format parts


Empty tubes are loaded manually by the operator into the tube hub

Tablets are guided from the tablet table into 8 separate channels where they are counted

The pre-set distance between 2+1 pneumatic stop-pins guarantees accurate counting

This distance can be adjusted to count odd as well as even numbers of tablets

In auto mode this machine can feed, count, stack tablets in tubes, control the number of stacked tablets in each tube and close the tubes with a fitted push on cap

There is a reject system for incorrectly filled tubes so only correctly filled tubes are forwarded to the secondary packaging area

Correctly capped and filled tubes are fed out onto a FlexLink conveyor where they get coded via inkjet printing (printer not included) and then checked by the Cognex vision system for correct coding


Manuals in English

Voltage: 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz

Power: approx. 2,3 kW (2,6 kVA)

Compressed air: 7 bar, 700 L/min

Condition: Excellent, checked, tested and running


Serial Number172 05 003
Stock NumberGP10048