CI Electronics SADE-P4 Tablet/Capsule Weight Sorter


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CI Electronics model SADE-P4 twin channel tablet/capsule weight sorter

Suitable for weighing tablets and capsules between 5 and 2000 milligrams with a reproducibility of ±2 milligrams

Designed to sort tablets/capsules into acceptable and rejected weights and provide data on the number in each category

Sort rates of up to 140 tablets/capsules per minute

Stainless Steel construction consisting of two weigh heads with feed mechanisms and a separate control box

The feed mechanisms each have a 40 litre hopper, a vibratory bowl, two detectors and two air solenoids


Machine 600mm x 1250mm x 1300mm high, weight 90kg

2 x hopper on stand 1500mm x 370mm x 570mm high, weight 27kg each 

Condition: cleaned, checked, tested and running


ManufacturerCI Electronics
Serial NumberTP547/8
Stock NumberGP10053