Pago System 80 Front, Back and Wrap Labeller


Normanton, United Kingdom


Pago front, back and wrap labeller.

Designed to label a range of products, either flat or round with a height of 50mm and a full wrap up to 70mm diameter (labels 50mm x 220mm long).

Key Information:

Brand new conveyor belt fitted

Capacity: Speed of 12.5m/min

Labels 70 x 220mm

Belt width 80mm

Machine size: (WxDxH): 3140 x 1400 x 1100

The label applicator is capable of fixing up to 100mm wide labels with a different wraparound pressure pad. A driven extension conveyor of 2.78M is included after wrap unit.

Pago system 80 control system.

Supply 240Volt single phase 16 amps

Height adjustable from 800mm to 900mm

Speed of 12.5m/min.

Constructed from stainless steel clad aluminum extruded framework

Synchronized individual drives to the conveyor and wrap around unit to ensure accurate label placement.

Pagomat 3/100 label heads

Fully adjustable mounting to allow in/out, vertical and tilt adjustment for accurate label positioning. Controlled from the main Pagomat control panel.


ModelSystem 80
Serial Number833
Stock NumberGP10032
ModelSystem 80
Belt width 80mm Weight208 + 112 conveyor