Marchesini MA100 Horizontal Cartoner


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Marchesini MA100 horizontal cartoner last run on effervescent rigid tubes.

Main features:

  • 130mm wide adjustable through conveyor (currently set for product size 130mm x 145mm)
  • Hot glue closure type with free standing Nordson ProBlue 4 unit 
  • Siemens Simatic touch screen
  • pre-folded leaflet inserter (strips)
  • integrated PCE verification track and trace system (for leaflets and boxes)
  • cross control of the presence of product/carton/leaflet
  • minimum load sensors for product/carton/leaflet
  • mechanical overload control unit
  • automatic operating cycle with carton and leaflet pick-up only with the presence of the product
  • leaflet presence checking device during insertion into the carton
  • oil-bath main drive units
  • emergency stop button
  • fully guarded with sliding doors
  • CE marked
  • Electrical requirements 415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase, 6kW
  • Compressed air consumption 80 Nl/1’
  • Simultaneous adjustment of all infeed buckets
  • Carton magazine with pusher belt
  • Leaflet feeding unit
  • Direct transfer into the belt transport system
  • After pre-breaking the carton is transported by a parallel mounted belt transport group composed of two upper and two lower belts, which maintain the carton in perfect square
  • Product arriving from the infeed chain is inserted with a pusher placed opposite operator side
  • After the closing operation the carton is discharge direct onto the conveyor belt of the following machine or onto guides
  • Safety Guard in Methacrylate material with electric interlocks, safety micro switches on opening positions
  • Easy size change through handwheel and digital indicators and/or sized gauges
  • Manuals, technical documentation and drawings in English and Italian.

Machine size: 3800mm x 1600mm x 2300mm high, weight 1200kg.

Condition: Cleaned, checked and tested dry cycling


Stock NumberGP10001
Carton width20-85 (mm)
Carton height16-65 (mm)
Carton length60-170 (mm)
Production speed100 (cartons/min)