Glatt GC 1500 Tablet Coater


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Glatt GC 1500 Tablet Coater 5 spray guns Watson Marlow peristaltic pump with 5 pump heads Includes wall mounted controls Includes inlet air handling unit and exhaust filtration skid with explosion suppression Has electrical and pneumatic control panels and WiP station

Condition: Excellent, fully working when removed from production

1. Number of spray guns – There are 5 spray guns/nozzles 

2. Machine is compatible for aqueous coating. – Yes, this is a Aqueous coating system. 

3. Confirm the RPM of drum. 2-220 RPM 

4. Intake AHU filtration detail. – Please see attached layout 

5. Maximum heating temperature of pan. – 140c 

6. Please confirm the heating source of machine? plant steam .RO electrical – Please see attached description of the system.

7. Total Electrical load of machine. – Frequency 50Hz, Voltage 400v 

8. Duct collector is included with this machine and confirm the filtration. – Please see attached drawing. 

9. Prostatic pump is included? – Yes the Watson Marlow Pump Skid is included with the machine. 10. Year of the Machine - 1996


ModelGC 1500
Stock NumberVE10024
Working capacity450-500 kg