Pharmalab Autoclave


Worminghall, United Kingdom


Autoclave manufactured by Pharmalab in excellent like new condition Real full-time use: 2 years Dimensions of Autoclave: 3755 mm ( + 50 mm) (width) x 3430 mm ( +- 50 mm) (length) x 3300 mm

( +- 50 mm) (height) (In the installation area, 1 meter clearence should be left for maintenance on the autoclave.) Dimensions of Loading Entrance: 1070 mm (width) x 1725 mm (height) Gross Volume of Loading Area: 8662 litre Trolley Quantity: 3 pieces Quantity of Tray in the One Trolley: 12 pieces Total Quantity of Tray: 36 pieces Material Quality of Tray: 316 L quality stainless steel Tray Dimensions: 950 mm x 950 mm 90 mm (height) x 16 mm ( Wall thickness) Design Standard: ASME section VIII div 1 standard & pressure protection class standar 97/23/EC Type of Certificate: CE Working Pressure: 2,2 kg/ cm³ Design Pressure: 3 kg/cm² Working Temperature: 105 – 124°C Hydraulic Test Pressure: 4,5 kg/cm²


Stock NumberVE10012