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Year: 2004      Model: RP The CAM RP Automatic Overwrapper is extremely flexible and is widely used in the cosmetic, food and confectionery industries. Capable of handling thin films, the RP offers high efficiencies and is extremely simple for operators to change size/format. Products are fed into the machine on an in-feed conveyor with a “minimum head” scanner. The patented CAM film feed system together with the counter elevator during the product elevating phase and raked film cutting knife, ensure consistent good quality tight wraps.  The RP model has indexing sealing plates for spot sealing of the end fold seals. The RP is equipped with digital adjustment of the film cut-off length and registration of the position of the wrapping material (option) whilst the machine is running. Simple lightweight change parts, including quick-release side folders, mean that size changeovers can be made by operators in a matter of minutes.