Manesty Accelacota 10 Tablet Coater


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Manesty Accelacota tablet coating line with upgraded control cabinet by Casburt. 

Coating system includes:

1. control cabinet which is mounted to the heated inlet fan (size 1070mm x 720mm x 1700mm high, weight 250kg).

2. inlet fan filter with mounted spray unit and Watson Marlow peristaltic pump model 604U, serial number 3100350 (size 1040mm x 850mm x 1420mm high, weight 100kg).

3. Accelacota coating unit (size 970mm x 780mm x 1610mm high, weight 281kg).

4. Secomak model 632 air dryer, serial number 20342, mobile on wheels (size 1100mm x 420mm x 800mm, weight 53kg).

5. Secomak model 632 air dryer, serial number 20762 (size 1300mm x 420mm x 800mm high, weight 52kg). 

Condition - Cleaned, checked, tested and running


ModelAccelacota 10
Stock NumberGP10026